After four years in business, we have modified our business model and will be donating 100% of our profits to charitable causes. Some people think we are crazy and ask us how we can run a business while giving all of our profits away.  

We haven't lost our marbles and aren't making poor business decisions. In fact, we think our new business model will help us grow. After Amy Evans, our Proprietress, spent some time as the Interim CEO at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Washington, she refined her goals as a business owner. She wanted to grow her business so she could employ more people, live a good life, and give back to the community.  

She realized her values were not aligned with inflated profits or outlandish CEO bonuses, but with making an honest living and the world a better place. She believes in a different version of capitalism, where business owners choose to give back to their employees and their communities, because it makes everyone's life better. We call this altruistic capitalism.  


It's simple. We pay for our products, our place, and our people… then we pay it forward. Giving 100% of our profits to charity doesn't mean we aren't making any money. It means we are taking the money we make above and beyond our salaries and costs and we are giving it back to those who need it. We believe small businesses and meaningful employment change the world.  

Thank you for helping us live our dream of creating a culture of altruistic capitalism. Your purchase at Bon Lemon makes a difference in the world and in your community.